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Since 1995, we’ve been offering the best ghost tours in Savannah. Ghost tours and historic cemetery tours that are a cut above the rest. Want to hear Savannah’s spookiest tales of ghosts and the macabre as told by our expert story tellers? Treat yourself to America’s Most Haunted City, or our original Sixth Sense Savannah tour – now in its 20th year! You have many choices for Savannah Ghost Tours. As we celebrate over two decades of service, find out why we’re not just one of the oldest, but the best! 6th Sense World strives to be second to none! Join us for a paranormal experience you won’t soon forget, in America’s Most Haunted City, Savannah, Georgia!

No trip to Savannah is complete without a visit to beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery! Join one of our Master Storytellers on a two-hour guided walking tour of one of the world’s most famous cemeteries. “Where Death & Beauty Meet.”

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In 2002, smashing all of the barriers, the Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tours was the first ghost tour to go above and beyond the usual Savannah sightseeing areas and tourism subject matter. The scary stories and haunted tales started in the Savannah historic district neighborhood where locals, family and friends chose to share their personal ghost and paranormal stories exclusively with our 6th Sense World company founder.

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We took the 9:30 Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tour ~ Adults Only tour. Our guide Ash was amazing, he really made you visualize the story which makes it that much more creepy. We were a bit creeped out on the way back to our Inn, but it was totally worth it, thanks for a great end to our trip to Savannah!

Kelly Hines, New York

If you are intrigued by the paranormal world, do not miss this tour. We started in a quiet park area and gathered to hear the creepy history of old Savannah. Its wonderfully disturbing to know anywhere you stand you may be walking on someone buried beneath the grass...

Nan C, Charlottesville VA

We had lunatic Laura as a guide she was great. The girls in the troop were so into the tour and Laura told the stories very well. It was much better than we anticipated and much scarier too! Plus it was a Opd way to walk around the city and look at the beautiful city.

Robin Bee

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6th Sense World ® is the premiere walking tour company in Savannah, Georgia.

Since 1995, we've been bringing the best walking tours to Savannah.

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