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Though not Savannah’s oldest cemetery, Bonaventure Cemetery Tours is certainly its most famous and hauntingly beautiful tour in Savannah. Quintessentially Southern Gothic, it has captured the imaginations of writers, poets, naturalists, photographers and filmmakers for more than 150 years. Part natural cathedral, part sculptural garden, Bonaventure transcends time.

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About the Tour

The Bonaventure Cemetery tours begins at the Jewish entrance of Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, by the picnic tables. The Bonaventure Cemetery Tours includes one of our Master Storytellers to guide you over two full hours through her 100+ acres and reveal old Savannah places and things that just can’t be understood or experienced by simply going there on your own.

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This was by far the highlight of our trip to Savannah! Bonaventure captivates ones imagination and a visit to Savannah is not complete without a visit here. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend Bonaventure Cemetery Tours.

Kelly Hines, New York

What a fantastic tour! I can’t say enough positive things about our time at Bonaventure. I’d have been lost without our guide, who not only knew exactly where all the notable graves are (I’m a huge fan of Johnny Mercer, and got to see his final resting place) but gave me insight that I didn’t know, such as the fact that Mercer was the co-founder of Capitol Records!

Warren Strickland, Chicago

I’m so glad we chose to use this tour company! Bonaventure is beautiful to simply view, but our guide was so well versed in it’s history. I have a totally different appreciation for this cemetery with the knowledge we learned.

Sally White, Atlanta

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