Visitor Conduct

Tour Rules & Policies


No Refunds. Tickets are good until redeemed. Please call our office at 912-292-0960 to re-schedule.
ABSOLUTELY NO TOUR SWAPPING. You may not arbitrarily switch from one tour time to another without prior permission from our office.
No smoking is permitted on any Sixth Sense tour.
Anyone behaving in a disruptive, or otherwise disorderly fashion, including but not limited to public drunkenness, will be asked to leave the tour WITHOUT A REFUND.
Be respectful of your guide, other patrons, non-touring pedestrians and private property while on tour.

Things You Must Remember:
Before you click purchase & fill in the client form, please be aware of the following responsibilities on your part & thank you for understanding. Following these rules will help us & our tour guides to help you get the premium and maximum experience!

  1. You must provide us with a home phone, traveling cell phone & an email address.
  2. Unless specifically stated, none of our tours enter any physical locations or premises.
  3. You may not arbitrarily switch from one tour time to another without prior discussion with our office.*
  4. Please double & triple check different starting points for different tours!*
  5. If possible, do yourself the favor of printing out your actual ticket!*

DISCLAIMER: If you have not provided us with your traveling cell phone, 6th Sense World/Jones Street Productions, Inc., is not responsible for being unable to contact you with changes in tour particulars due to extreme weather, less than minimum reservations or rare personnel emergencies. As certain city ordinances & tour guide pay contract scale limits are in place as operational guidelines, “Tour Hopping” or reserving for one tour & showing up for another time slot is not allowed without contacting us in advance. If you do not, your tour guide will turn you away & no refund will be granted. As our different tours have in different designated starting points, be sure you have the correct one for your particular tour. Do Not rely on Non-Company Personnel to direct you! Call us if unsure!



Refund Policy
NO REFUNDS. Tickets are good until redeemed. All re-scheduling requests should be sent to jonesstreetproductionsinc@gmail.com and not Peek.com, as they are merely our ticketing agent. Peek.com is not responsible for our refund policies, issues or tour content. For any other questions, please call our office at 912-292-0960.

Cancellation Facts
No Refunds. Tickets are good until redeemed. Please call our office at 912-292-0960 to re-schedule.

Unable to attend after you’ve purchased your tickets? No problem! Your tickets don’t expire! You can use them the next time you visit us, or transfer them to a friend as a gift. We will attempt to email you for your mailing address and will send them to you as a courtesy but only after confirming your desire to receive them!

Per our aforementioned policies, all sales are final and no refunds are issued based upon personal opinion regarding content or expectations that exceed our experience defined by our website and other printed materials. We do welcome your correspondence to jonesstreetproductionsinc@gmail.com

If submitting a “complaint”, it should be objectively outlined and expressed in a thoughtful, business-like manner for review. We will not respond to emotionally driven or unreasonable statements. In good faith, we will take any reasonable complaint under consideration, but in most cases, we will only attempt to offer you a 2nd opportunity as our guest and will not refund your expenses. If a “2nd Chance” does apply, this invitation stands until redeemed by you.

All our tours are taken at your own risk. By taking our tours, you hereby release 6th Sense World/Jones Street Productions, Inc., its employees and agents, and those representatives, administrators or agents of the company or person who has provided you with this ticket of any responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or claim which may occur to you or your belongings before, during or after the tour is completed. 6th Sense World/Jones Street Productions, Inc. is not responsible for any personal belongings left upon the completion of the tour. The foregoing limitations of liability apply to and include, but are not limited to, losses, damages, injuries or claims resulting from conditions over which 6th Sense World/Jones Street Productions Inc., has control as well as those conditions and occurrences over which it has no control, unless said losses, damages or injuries are the direct result of the willful, deliberate and/or malicious acts of Jones Street Productions, Inc. No employee or agent may enlarge or alter our liability herein, either orally or otherwise. Your use of your ticket either printed or registered via phone or internet to participate in the tour shall constitute your acknowledgment and acceptance of the foregoing limitations of liability and the Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tours Rules and Policies.